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Baby Oh Baby Jamaica :: Home
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Who We Are?

Our idea of taking ohbabyjamaica our online store and turning into Baby oh Baby was with the goal of making a positive contribution or giving back but in a way that meant something to us. Thus this website really promotes the spirit of giving and facilitates the sharing of information about babies and child rearing. The founder of Baby oh Baby is a mother herself and knows how important that is and thus wanted to create a centralized location where mothers, grandmothers, doctors etc. could share their remedies, ideas, thoughts and opinions related to the subject but from a Jamaican perspective. We have thus created a great team of individuals who share the same common goal and thus help keep this website and our magazine going. We are grandmothers, mothers, mothers-to be, parents, godmothers and aunts just like you.

The proceeds from items sold on and the proceeds from our advertisers and support from our sponsors helps keep this website going and promote and support our two projects The Jamaica Students Welfare Fund and the Baby oh Baby Project. Both projects are important to our founder as she knows firsthand what it means to be a struggling student and she also knows firsthand how expensive it is to provide for a child today. Thus it is our aim to help students and struggling parents in whatever way we can.

As this is a website about parenting our founder has a special message for her parents below:

I really want to take the opportunity to say thank you to my parents for their constant support no matter what. They allowed me with their limited resources to dream, take risks and not be afraid of what this world offers. From an early age they stood in the background and allowed me to do alot of discovery on my own, some I was punished for but still I am grateful. I took public transportation on my own from age 5. They were not overprotective and I learned some hard lessons as well. Some which at the time seemed painful but have served to strengthen and build character. I also learned that because of their limited resources I had to work hard for everything. Nothing would come to me, I had to go out and work for it. I grew up without a TV until about age 8 or thereabout but because there was no TV, video games etc. I read alot as a child and used my imagination. I remember as a child I could read so well people would just ask me to read anything and look on in amazement. To this day I love to read and I am now trying to limit the TV accessibility to my son. My parents are Christians and have such strong faith in me that there were times when I didn’t believe things be ok or I could go on but they did. Such strong faith and great parenting is the reason why I am here and can hopefully contribute positively to the society I live in. Thank you mummy and daddy. I would also like to say thanks to my sister, the Baby oh Baby team, my friends, our sponsors and advertisers for the support as without you none of this is possible.

We want to thank you for visiting and hope you will benefit in some way from visiting this website and hope that you will also participate in the sharing of information of your thoughts and opinions. We welcome it!!

Remember one little act of kindness can make help make this world a better place.